How to Apply

The aim for Fair Trade Volunteering is not only to establish a recognised standard for volunteering placements, but also to bring together like minded organisations so each can learn from the other’s experience and further improve the quality of volunteering for all involved.

There is no charge or membership fee to become a Fair Trade Volunteering organisation, provided the organisation meets the criteria as explained below. The application procedure is as follows:

How to join in
  • Interested organisations should email with a brief explanation of how they meet each of the five criteria. Please try to keep each of the five sections to a maximum of 200 words each.
  • You should also send contact details for two referees for Fair Trade Volunteering to contact directly. One should be a returned volunteer while the other should be an overseas project partner.
  • Following this, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for at least two existing members of Fair Trade Volunteering to meet with the head(s) of the applicant organisation.
  • Provided all parties are happy following the meeting, the organisation will be sent copies of the logo and will be able to promote themselves as a Fair Trade Volunteering organisation.

A few notes on the criteria and membership:

  • Organisations are expected to fulfil ALL criteria for ALL of their project placements.
  • Once affiliated, organisations are expected to create a “/fairtradevolunteering” page on their website, where they explain how they meet each of the criteria.
  • Organisations are also expected to promote Fair Trade Volunteering wherever appropriate.
  • Further to the initial meeting with a new organisation, Fair Trade Volunteering will aim to arrange meetings for all members at least twice a year, to continue the mutual development of the ethos.
  • Fair Trade Volunteering and the logo is in the process of being trademarked. If any organisations which misuses the name or logo in any way, or promotes themselves as a Fair Trade Volunteering organisation without going through the above process, they will be instructed to remove any association with FTV from their promotional or marketing material.